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Will You Escape?

What to Expect

Get ready for an immersive experience like no other as you face the challenge of beating the clock. Our staff will kick off the excitement with a brief yet engaging introduction, covering the rules and bringing the room's captivating story to life. Your mission? Escape the room before time runs out!

Should your team struggle to crack the puzzles, fear not! We'll come to your rescue, ensuring you leave the room with consolation and a smile. Our games are designed for maximum enjoyment, regardless of whether you escape or not. It's all about the ultimate fun!

For your convenience and privacy, each booking is a private event exclusively for your group. Prices are affordable and group-friendly, with $35 for the first two adults and a flat rate of $30 per additional adult. Kids aged 10 and under can join the adventure for just $25.

Discover more about our thrilling escape rooms below and seize the opportunity to book your adventure today. The clock is ticking, and the challenge awaits!! Get ready for an immersive experience like no other as you face the challenge of beating the clock. Our staff will kick off the excitement with a brief yet engaging introduction, covering the rules and bringing the room's captivating story to life. Your mission? Escape the room before time runs out!

Black Beard’s Brig

Difficulty: Medium - First-Time Friendly | Success Rate: 50%

Prepare for an adrenaline-fueled battle against the clock in Black Beard's treacherous Brig! Imprisoned by the infamous pirates, your heart races as the countdown begins. With Black Beard and his plundering crew temporarily absent, it's a race against time to outsmart their return before facing a perilous fate walking the plank at sunset.

Locked in darkness, you and your courageous crew must unravel clues, solve mind-bending puzzles, and unleash your inner adventurers to secure your freedom. Every second counts as you navigate the shadows, testing your wits and teamwork to the limit. Will you triumph over the clutches of Black Beard, or succumb to a watery grave?

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Difficulty: Medium | Success Rate: 45%

Gear up for a heart-pounding race against the clock! Your loyal friend has been falsely accused, and the corrupt Warden Graber is determined to send them to Death Row. It's up to you and your team to unveil the hidden proof and save your friend from an unjust fate. But beware, the warden has cunningly enlisted fellow inmates to conceal the evidence.

Time is of the essence as you infiltrate the warden's office, armed with determination and limited time. With just 60 minutes on the clock, you must work swiftly, solving mind-bending puzzles and unraveling the secrets that hold the key to your friend's freedom. Failure is not an option, as detention awaits if you're caught!

Unleash your inner detectives, collaborate seamlessly, and navigate this thrilling caper with strategic precision. Can you gather the evidence, prove your friend's innocence, and escape undetected?

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The Cabin

Difficulty: Challenging | Success Rate: 40%

*Currently decommissioned for repair purposes.

Prepare for a heart-pounding wilderness survival mission! Deep in the remote woods, far from civilization, you and your adventurous friends find yourselves facing a life-or-death situation. A venomous Timber Rattler has sunk its fangs into one of your companions, and time is running out to save their life.

Stranded with no cell phone coverage and the nearest town an hour away, the fate of your friend rests in your hands. Your only hope lies in finding the elusive anti-venom injection, rumored to be hidden somewhere within your uncle's hunting camp.

With just 60 minutes to navigate the treacherous wilderness and uncover the life-saving antidote, every second counts. Work as a team, channel your survival instincts, and unravel the clues left by your uncle. Will you locate the antidote and rescue your friend from the venom's grip, or will the unforgiving wilderness claim another victim?

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The Fine Print


Before diving into the heart-pounding action at Seneca Escape Zones, we need to make sure we're all on the same page, legally speaking. It's time to tackle the unavoidable paperwork – the waiver!

Think of it as a friendly handshake between thrill-seekers and adventure providers. We just need a little heads-up from you to ensure that you understand the risks, challenges, and excitement that come with our immersive experiences. Safety first, right?

To save you precious time and keep the adrenaline pumping, we've made signing the waiver a breeze. Just click that shiny button below, and voila! You'll have the satisfaction of knowing you've conquered the digital paperwork mountain in advance.

So, don't let the waiver hold you back from the escapades that await. Get ready to unleash your inner detective, puzzle-solver, and adrenaline junkie. Sign that waiver, gear up for an unforgettable experience, and let the games begin!

Click below to sign the waiver and embark on an adventure of a lifetime. Together, we'll navigate the legal waters and dive headfirst into the thrilling world of Seneca Escape Zones!

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Late Policy

Time is of the essence at Seneca Escape Zones, and punctuality is key to unlocking the adventure! Here's the scoop on our late policy and refund policy:

Tick-tock, don't let the clock stop! We kindly request that you arrive at least 15 minutes ahead of your scheduled time. Think of it as a pre-game warm-up, where you'll receive essential instructions and prepare for the mind-bending challenges that await. Keep in mind that once the door to the room has been locked, the adventure begins, and latecomers may have to sit this one out.

As for refunds and exchanges, our escape rooms are like precious gems—once you've booked your experience, they're all yours. We're unable to offer refunds or exchanges on purchased tickets. So choose your adventure wisely, gather your team, and dive headfirst into the excitement that awaits you. It's an exhilarating experience you won't want to miss!

Remember, time is both your friend and your foe in the world of escape rooms. So arrive promptly, immerse yourself in the challenge, and make memories that will leave you wanting more. At Seneca Escape Zones, the clock is ticking, and the adventure awaits!

Payment Methods & Policies

  • Seneca Escape Zones accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.
  • All sales are final. Appointments may be rescheduled 24 hours ahead of time.
  • If you would like to book a party or corporate event, please contact us below or call (864) 557-9663, and we will do our best to accommodate you.

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